Aboriginal and quebecois perspectives

In May 2011, the Charest government officially launched the Plan Nord, “the worksite of a generation”, a “sustainable development” project that claims to be “exemplary” (ref). That being said, almost a year after its official announcement, several questions remain regarding the real issues and opportunities represented by the Plan Nord for Quebec and the communities directly affected by it.

Initiated by Nature Québec and the First Nations of Quebec and Labrador Sustainable Development Institute (FNQLSDI), and organized jointly with the Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN), the Centrale des Syndicats du Québec (CSQ), Quebec Native Women (QNW) and the Canadian Research Chair on Aboriginal Territorial Governance(CRC-TAG), the present forum is intended to debate the issues and opportunities represented by the Plan Nord, in particular the recognition of the rights and interests of the Aboriginal nations, environmental protection, the responsible development of lands and resources (mines, energy, forests, wildlife, etc.), along with the potential short and long-term impacts to the affected communities. The forum also intends to reposition the Plan Nord within the context of the broad social, environmental and economic debates that characterize the world and Quebec today.

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